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NUJS has a diverse and vibrant student community from all over India, including several foreign nationals. While the key focus is on academics, NUJS also has a highly developed sports and cultural programme, with teams regularly excelling at various national level competitions. Student societies of NUJS organize five major annual events — the literary-cum-cultural extravaganza, Outlawed, Invicta (national sports fest), the NUJS-Herbert Smith National Corporate Law Moot Court Competition, and the NUJS Parliamentary Debate. These events attract enormous participation from the best law schools in the country. Student societies also conduct popular year-round competitions in music, dance, painting, quizzing, debating, creative writing and sports.

NUJS holds tournaments not just in mainstream sports such as cricket, football and volleyball, but even sports like dodge-ball and kabaddi. Adding colour to life at NUJS are the western and eastern music bands, which have proved their mettle at competitions all across the country. NUJS also has a vibrant SPICMACAY chapter, and has hosted performers like Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pt. Shivkumar Sharma and Smt. Shovana Narain. Writer's Block, the college magazine, contains campus news, and contributions in prose and poetry, giving students with literary inclinations the chance to showcase their skills.

Nor do NUJS students neglect their social responsibilities. The Legal Aid Society provides a platform for students to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom and meaningfully contribute to the community. The Society takes up legal causes of indigent people either independently or in association with other organizations, assists other law schools in setting up their legal aid clinics and programmes, organizes legal awareness camps and street plays in urban and rural areas, and conducts adult education and legal awareness courses for mess, housekeeping, security and other supporting staffs of NUJS. We have also begun assisting pro bono lawyers from Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) in pending cases before the Juvenile Justice Board in Kolkata. NUJS believes that it is only such holistic legal education that can create the well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.

The Student Juridical Association (SJA) is the organization of students to promote co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The NUJS student body happens to be one of the most active, aware and vibrant student collective among all Indian law schools. The SJA contributes to this vibrancy by enabling students to explore crucial issues confronting the student life as well as the legal profession, while at the same time enabling students to take advantage of the excellent opportunities that NUJS offers inside the beyond its campus.

In addition, being a part of SJA is also chance for students to engage in leadership roles by representing the interests of their fellow students in front of the administration. Engaging in active debates and dialogue develops a strong sense of empathy and understanding among everybody to stand up for each other's right and create a better society.

Since students form an integral part of the day to day running of the University, various societies have been created for the organization of events and managing of students' activities. The nature and variety of the societies depend on the interest and initiative of students, for which Faculty Advisors are assigned in appropriately. The societies, can broadly be categorized as societies that are a part of the Student Juridical Association and societies that are not.

Moot Court Society

Convenor: Vinayak Chawla
Co-Convenor: Mahima Cholera
Treasurer: Avnish Singh

The MCS is the student committee entrusted with the responsibility of administering mooting activities and upholding the high standards of excellence that the NUJS has set itself. The MCS' role is to facilitate and regulate University mooting by planning, organising and executing the various moot court competitions that are hosted by the NUJS.

MCS is also tasked with constituting the University Moot Team, a process which stretches over 2 months and incorporates 3 rounds of mooting, culminating in a ranking of those selected to represent the University at various national and international moots. NUJS Moot teams have frequently performed excellently at the most prestigious international moots such as the Philip C. Jessup Moot, the Willem C. Vis Arbitration Moot, the Willem C. Vis (East) Arbitration Moot, Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot, Stetson International Environmental Law Moot, the LawAsia Moot and the Commonwealth Moot.

The MCS organises extensive workshops and demonstrations to enable students to learn the process of mooting thereby promoting an active interest in mooting as part of law school life.

Literary and Debating Society

Convenor: Tanusmita Ghosal
Co-Convenor: Arka Banerjee Chowdhury
Treasurer: Vibhore Yadav

The Literary and Debating Society of NUJS has carved out quite the niche for itself in the sphere of debating, quizzing and associated activities. Largely an organizational society, it organizes the NUJS PD, the largest Asian Parliamentary Debate in the country. The NUJS Open Quiz organized during Outlawed is also one of LDS' foremost events. Besides organizing General Body events such as the Debating Premier League, the LDS handles allotments of teams for various debates and quizzes. In recent years, given the spurt in enthusiasm for debating within campus, the LDS has correspondingly held demo debates, adjudication workshops and has contributed to NUJS' reputation as one of the more visible and successful debating colleges.

Cultural Committee

Convenor: Prakriti Singh
Co-Convenor: Ankit Singh, Shresth Tomar

The cultural committee is one of the biggest societies in NUJS organising multiple events focusing on both, the general body participation as well as inter college competitions. Tasked with constituting the University Music, Dance and Theatre teams, the Committee takes avid interests in organising extra-curricular activities relating as art, music, dance and dramatics. The Committee also focuses on celebrating the diverse cultures in college by celebrating ethnic events round the years including the cultural food week, the dandiya night, the Lohri bonfire and the NUJS cultural night.

Magazine Committee

Convenor: Paul Thottan
Co-Convenor: Subhash Kapur, Sreekanth Ramesh

The Magazine Committee is an SJA society established with the mandate of providing a platform for non-academic writing to the student body. The Committee , in addition to event specific newsletters, publishes two flagship writing pieces: the Hearsay, published quarterly, which keeps Noojies up-to-date with happenings in and around college; and the Writers Block, a semesterly publication that allows students to write about anything and everything under the sun. The Committee’s objective however is not restricted to motivating students to discover their flair for writing but also extends to helping them express themselves even via other media. In furtherance of the same, the Committee has initiated the Discourse Series, where members of the general body come forth to share their ideas with their contemporaries.

The other events conducted by the Committee include Behna and Bhaiya of the Batch (a Raksha Bandhan special, where the college goes on a voting spree to show their sibling love), Hostel Safari (a guided tour of the jungle that is the Boys’ Hostel, offered to select lucky ladies), Anonymush (spreading a little more love, this time, non-platonic; and as the name suggests, anonymously) and organising movie screenings. The Committee is also part of the Outlawed Organising Committee and hosts a treasure hunt-cum-crossword contest-cum-literary quiz-cum-spelling bee event titled Survival of the Wittiest. Apart from its writing pieces and the events, the Committee is also involved in the production of Yearbooks for the graduating batch, every year, to be presented to them at their Convocation. The Magazine Committee has not only successfully undertaken these activities in the past but also hopes to expand its presence in the future.

Sports Committee

Convenor: Kushagr Bakshi
Co-Convenor: Ankita Talukdar, Aparmita Pratap
Treasurer: Ankita Talukar

The NUJS Sports Committee is one of the most active SJA Committee, organising events all year round. It engages students of the University in sporting events ranging from indoor events like chess, carom, foosball, pool and table tennis to outdoor events such as kabaddi, cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, tug-of-war, throwball, frisbee, badminton, tennis and swimming. These events are organised on campus, at Netaji Subhash Eastern Center of the Sports Authority of India, the Salt Lake Stadium, the Bengal Tennis Association and FC Block Cricket Ground.

The flagship event of the Sports Committee is the Annual Sports Festival, INVICTA. It is the largest law school sports festival in the country. INVICTA'17 is going to be the 11th edition of the fest. This year, the Committee is also set to organise the very first edition of ParaINVICTA, an annual sports festival for the differently-abled students.

MUN Society

Convenor: Anshuman Panigrahi
Co Convenor: Aditya Kumar
Co Convenor: Sakchi Agarwal

The NUJS MUN Society is a platform for all those students of NUJS who are interested in Model UN, an extra-curricular activity that has gained prominence over the years for promoting awareness and knowledge about issues of global interest, international affairs and foreign policy. Other than conducting workshops and exhibition committees in college itself, the MUN Society organizes one of the premier conferences in India - NUJSMUN.

Informal Discussion Group

Convenor: Rajat Bector
Co-Convenor: Anirudh Goyal, Samarth Shandilya
Treasurer: Malika Nanduru

The Informal Discussion Group, better known as the IDG is a society which comes under the constitutional ambit of the Student’s Juridical Association of the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences. The society was established by a small group of students back in 2010, with the aim of inviting dignitaries from all walks of life and providing a select group of students the opportunity to interact with them. Keeping in line with this objective, the IDG has, till date, successfully conducted 41 sessions with luminaries from different arenas of life. The discussions are held in a closed door-no media environment, which enables our guests to engage in candid discussions with the students. The experience and expertise of the speakers allows the students to gain valuable insights into issues of great import and relevance. Some of our guests include Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Shri M.K. Narayanan, Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Justice Michael Kirby, Shri Mohan Bhagwat, Smt. Usha Uthup, Mr. P. Sainath and Shri Baichung Bhutia. Each of our guests has been a source of unparalleled information and revelations, greatly supplanting the culture of debate and discussions, which are integral to life at a law school.

Society for Advancement of Criminal Justice

Convenor: Akshita Jha
Co-Convenor: Mishi Malhotra, Neelam Tripathi
Treasurer: Tamalika Bera

The Society for Advancement of Criminal Justice (SACJ), NUJS has been one of the most active academic societies in the area of Criminal Law. Having a very interesting and socially significant field as the core element of the society, it provides to the future lawyers and lawmakers an opportunity to understand the threats to criminal justice in the social framework and develop strategies to mitigate them.

NUJS Law Review

Editors: Aishwarya Gupta, Aratrika Choudhoury. Ira Chadha Sridhar, Paridhi Poddar, Srivats Shankar, Vivasvan Bansal

The NUJS Law Review is the flagship journal of the National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata. It was launched in 2008 as a quarterly law review and is run by a Board of Editors comprising of six Editors, who report to the Editor-in-Chief being the Vice Chancellor. The Law Review was launched as a realization of the fact that Universities, especially law universities, have responsibilities towards the society in which they exist and must be a source of information and guidance for the same. It has so far attracted a large number of contributions from students and academics from India and abroad.

The primary objective behind the inception of the NUJS Law Review is to provide a forum to writers, enabling them to voice their opinions about the visions and goals of the Indian society. Apart from that, the Law Review promotes and endeavours to foster a culture of serious academic research and writing amongst the students through a structured process of mentoring and supervision. It has an in-house writing and editing team of twenty-four Associate Members, comprising of students from the first year to the fifth year. The Editors undertake the task of mentoring Associate Members in honing their legal writing skills and preparing them as prospective editors.

Journal of Indian Law and Society

Chief Editor: Vasujith Ram
Deputy Chief Editor: Tejas Popat

Journal of Indian Law and Society (formerly the Indian Juridical Review) is a peer reviewed journal [ISSN: 2277-5552, eISSN: 2393-848X] based at the National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata. Published bi-annually, it is the flagship journal of the Student Juridical Association. Our printing and distributing partner is the Eastern Book Company Group, one of India’s most prominent law publishers.

It was founded with the objective of creating an inter-disciplinary forum to analyse legal issues through the prism of other social sciences. Breaking the barriers of compartmentalized legal discussions, the Journal encourages cross-disciplinary approaches for a better understanding of law and legal systems within India. Thus, it aims to contribute significantly to the fields of both social sciences and law and especially the sociology of law. Being at the journals offers to the students a great opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary research and their interest in writing, both at the same time.

Constitutional Law Society

Director: Varun Kannan, Tejas Popat, Ishani Moulik
Advisory Members: Ayushi Singhal, Carmel Sharma

CLS serves as a platform for students to engage in further research and understanding of Constitutional Law. The Society has been extremely successful in this endeavour, with having conducted multiple events which fostered greater interest and promoting research and scholarship in constitutional law among the students.The CLS organises a number major Lectures each year such as the reputed D.D. Basu Endowment Lecture where speakers such as Dr. Upendra Baxi, Martha Nussbaum etc have delivered lectures on contemporary constitutional issues. and the D.D. Basu Essay Competition which attracts participation from almost all leading law schools in India. The CLS also organises the reputed M.K. Nambyar Memorial lecture with the support of Senior Advocate K.K. Venugopal where speakers such Honourable Justice Sonam Tobgye, the former Chief Justice of Bhutan, deliver the lecture every year.

The CLS also organises the Legislative Drafting Competition which attracts entries from across the country amongst other events such as the Mock Parliament, Constitutional Law Quiz, various lectures and panel discussions on issues relating to Constitutional Law. The CLS also runs its the NUJS CLS Blog where extremely well researched articles relating to contemporary Constitutional topics and interviews of Constitutional luminaries such as K.K. Venugopal are published. The Society has also been recognised and awarded the best Non-SJA Committee in the previous years by the University.

Society for International Law and Policy

Director: Shreyangshi Gupta
Assistant Director: Neelam Tripathi, Shreyas Talin
Treasurer: Yashpreet Singh

The Society of International Law and Policy (SILP) is an academic society which seeks to provide a platform for discussion and deliberation on various pertinent issues on international law and policy. Being an academic society, SILP has previously conducted discussions, seminars, and various other workshops, on matters ranging from adoption rights to environmental law. These talks were graced by the presence of legal luminaries such as Hon’ble Justice (Retd.) Altamas Kabir, Dr. Ved P. Nanda, Prof. Armin Rosencranz, Sumit Ganguly, C Raja Mohan, Prof. V. Umakanth, Amb. Rakesh Sood, Amb. Neelam Deo, Amb. Arundhati Ghose, UNHCR Chef de Mission Mr. Hans Schroder, et al. We also run a blog, on which our members contribute regularly.

Intellectual Property and Technology Laws Society

Director: Drishti Das, Anjanesh Vatsa

NUJS Intellectual Property and Technology Laws Society (IPTLS) has had a long and illustrious record in organizing international conferences, introductory workshop for students and essay competitions. The society has also been involved in research projects and advocacy programmes in association with the Ministry of HRD IP Chair at NUJS. The objectives of the IPTLS is to conduct research on contemporary issues relating to Intellectual Property and Technology Laws, spread awareness of such laws both within and outside the university by conducting workshops and seminars and organizing various Intellectual Property and Technology Laws related activities both within and outside the university.

Society for International Trade and Competition

Director: Ishita Mishra
Faculty Advisor: Tilottama Raychaudhuri

The Society for International Trade and Competition Law (SITC) is an academic society of the W.B. National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata composed of faculty members and students of NUJS to contribute towards the development of international trade and competition laws in India. This is done by undertaking meaningful research in these areas of law. The society also endeavours at creating awareness about various burning issues concerning trade and competition by organising workshops, seminars, lectures, trainings programmes, and encouraging the legal community to engage with the issues pertaining to these fields in essay competitions and paper presenations on a periodic basis. Apart from this, SITC also boasts of having assisted the Government of India in formulating certain policies involving competition law aspects.

Society for Engagement with Literary Arts

Convenor: To Be Elected

The Society for Engagement with Literary Arts is an educational organization of the National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS), Kolkata. It aims to deepen the understanding of the blended world of 'Law and Literature', and enable students to develop creative thinking by encouraging them to read, write and use their imagination to develop new ideas and paradigms.

Legal Aid Society

Convener: Raveena Rao
Co-conveners: R Venkatesh, Archishmita Raha
Treasurer: Anjanesh Vatsa

The importance of Legal Aid and Awareness Campaigns as a mechanism for social progress is something that has been repeatedly stressed upon by the Government of India. In the backdrop of Poverty and Inequality, Legal Aid is an effective way towards attainment of the ideals of ‘Social, Economic and Political’ Justice that are enshrined in our Constitution under the Directive Principles of State Policy.

The Legal Aid Implementation Committee of the Government of India formed out of the constructive suggestions of the Bhagwati Committee on Jurisdicare of 1977 had envisaged the setting up of legal aid dispensation clinic in the various state – run law schools. Thirty years hence we stand in a situation where the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences can state that they have indeed met with the suggestions of this committee by way of its own Legal Aid Clinic.

The establishment of the National Law Universities in the various parts of the country has opened the gateway to work towards this cause in a greater way. Through a mutually beneficial process of exchange, awareness is spread amongst the masses about their legal rights and duties, and how to go about seeking the same, and students of law get exposed to the various problems associated with the ‘real world’, thereby gaining practical knowledge on the subject.

The entire purpose of setting nation-wide collegiate clinics is to acclimatize several thousand law students of the nation to the problems faced by the masses ignorant about their rights and remedies under the law. The aim is indeed a noble one but there difficulties which still need to be addressed. The WBNUJS Legal Aid Cell is one successful beacon while there many more colleges where such beacons need to be lighted, many thousands whose legal dilemmas need to be efficiently addressed.

In the recently concluded ‘Intra-State Conference on Legal Networking in West Bengal’, held at The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences(WBNUJS), Prof. B.B. Pande, retired Faculty Advisor of the Legal Aid Society at The Delhi University Faculty of Law, which was the birthplace of the legal awareness campaigns in Law Universities, highlighted the importance of a systematic approach tempered with the right intention, and identified WBNUJS as having the most functional Legal Aid Clinic in India.

Our aim is to spread legal awareness among students and people at large. We seek to do this through public speaking, awareness camps, seminars, legal counseling, poster making and street plays. To further our cause we play an active role in the Coordinating Committee for Intra-State Networking of Law Schools, a program conceptualized by us, for law colleges in and around West Bengal. This program presently has members from 13 law colleges across the State.

Timings: Friday 1:45 P.M. - 2:20 P.M. or by appointment on any working day.

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