NUJS hosts its Class of 2008's 10th Year Reunion

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On the 22nd of December, 2018 the university hosted its Class of 2008's tenth year reunion. The event witnessed a diverse pool of alumni excelling in their areas of interest- including the Civil Services, corporate law, academia, litigation among others attending the program.

Alumni football

The morning of the event witnessed the Class of 2008 kick-starting their reunion with a friendly game of football. This was followed by the first session of the reunion which began with a roll call taken by our faculty Mr. Anirban Mazumdar for handing over the mementos to those alumni who were able to make it to the event. This served as an opportunity for many attendes to relive their student days. After taking a batch picture the batch then proceeded to the auditorium for the main event.

Alumni rollcall

The main event started with a video that was a recollection of the roles of different people apart from their(the Class of 2008's) batchmates who added to the richness of the college life. This was followed by speeches of students from the Class of 2008 and a few of their teachers. The students talked about how the institution was when they graduated and how it now is while recollecting how far they and their batchmates have progressed professionally. The teachers recollected specific incidents that distinguished the batch from the others while taking great pride in their progress. The speeches were followed by a video of the alumni who were invited but couldn't make it to the event expressing their regret for not being able to make it but at the same time taking pleasure in the fact that the event happened. The highlight of the event was the introduction of the Alumni Endowment fund being set up by alumni across a few batches who had already graduated. This fund has been set up with an aim to provide financial assistance to NUJS students through of a fee waiver on the basis of their economic conditions. This was then followed by a high tea session.

Nujs reunion

At NUJS, we thank our alumni for their efforts to promote inclusivity in legal education and for their contribution to the legal field in their capacities.

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