NUJS Theatre Society presents the play 'Stop Kiss'

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In the light of romance and love being potrayed as something confined to heterosexuality ,the NUJS Theatre Society ‘Krishna’ in association with the Cultural Committee presents the play 'Stop Kiss'. The play is based on a story in the lives of two hopeless romantics and aims to break the conventional stereotypes imposed on love and romanc

Cast: Aakanksha Jadhav as 'Callie', Aarushi Mittal as 'Sara', Vinayak Chawla as 'Detective Cole', Aswathi Menon as ‘Mrs. Winsley’, Abin Thomas Alex as ‘George’, Anamika Kundu as ‘Nurse’, Jayanth Bj as 'Joe', Aanchal Kabra as 'Anita',Tanmai Shukla as 'Doctor'

Team behind the execution of the play:Abha Achrekar, Amritansh, Poorvi,Namrata Roy, Mahima, Vaishnavi Singh, Ateesh Nandi, Devrat Singh Shaktawat, Samarth Shandilya, Divyesh Rao, Ananya Jain, Jalaj Pandey, Prateek, Manas Dagat, Mehak Vatsala, Rashika, Karishma Karthik

The video of the entire play can be accessed here

As a prologue to the play, the team goes around the campus asking the students, faculty and staff as to what they think about love. This video gives a glimpse of the vivacious campus life.

The prologue to the play can be accessed here

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