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CLAT topper from 2017 - Sumit Gupta just finished his first year at NUJS. As aspirants from across the country gear up for the all-India exam for this year, Sumit goes back in time to offer some fresh advice on how to ace it on the d-day for the most important entrance test for legal education in India:

"As the long marathon for the CLAT preparation reaches its professional end, it’s time to strike at the right time while keeping your nerve unblemished. The havoc created by AILET (supposedly the most tough AILET question paper till date) must have left an unfettering challenge in your mind. But, it is in these times of unrelenting difficulties that you have to be placid and composed in your approach. A little stress never bothered anyone but only pushes you further to perform better."

First of all forget the mélange of affairs that happened in AILET. AILET is done and dusted. You cannot make any difference by pondering over it and at times worrying about it. It’s high time you eschewed negative vibes and other things that disturb the peace of your mind. Ensure that you utilize this last phase of the long and taxing journey of CLAT judiciously. Focus on CLAT, the battle for which you have sweated so much in peace.

There are many things that you need to consider in the next 2-3 days of CLAT.

1. Try and not exert yourself at this moment. Just remember that you need to stick to the things that you know and revise the portion that you have already done. Don’t venture out to read something new that you have not prepared since your starting days of preparation. But at the same time it is advised to go through the question paper of AILET and practice identical questions as has been asked in this year’s AILET.

2, You need sleep, don’t you? Hell yes! You need a good amount of sleep which will help you stay calm and composed. Eight hours of sleep is a must. Therefore, let your mind take some rest and get those bedtime hours without fail.

3. If you are solving mocks then don’t go by the marks of these mocks. Just know that you have prepared well and you must be confident before taking CLAT. Do not waste your time making predictions based on your marks in mocks.

4. Revise your current affairs notes in its entirety. Preferably, start from the month of July and if you feel as if you are running short of time then you can do it from October as well. Also, you need to realize that you cannot remember everything in the given time. Ergo, select the relevant portions which you think are the most important ones and then remember them by heart. Revise it thoroughly so that no room for doubt is left while attempting questions.

5. Start revising your notes on polity, legal maxims and foreign words which will give you an extra boost to your confidence. If you do not have notes on them, then stick to the study material given by your coaching institute or other online resources.

6. Make a mind map for the time you have left and go through the important concepts related to mathematics, logical reasoning, legal aptitude and English.

7. Brush up on formulas and some short-tricks for mathematics. Also, go through some unusual pattern of questions for mathematics and if required, then solve these questions.

8. CLAT has been erratic and dynamic. Every year CLAT has set a new standard. Be mentally prepared for surprises and prepare accordingly for the 120 minutes.

9. Do not start answering questions randomly as there is negative marking. Keep calm while solving questions and if you are not sure about a particular question then move on to the next one.

10. Keep your exam kit ready a night before.

11. Lastly and most importantly, do not panic while taking the exam. The difficulty of the questions should not give you the heebie-jeebies as the difficulty will be same for all those who are there in this rat-race.

Remember you have prepared for this day. In the likes of Chak de India “Ye 120 minutes tumse koi nai chhin sakta.” Make it worth counting.

Chak De India!

Till then, bon vivant and au revoir.

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