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The Weinstein JAMS International Fellowship is awarded to top 10-15 experts in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) around the world. Inaugurated in 2008, the fellowship provides opportunities for qualified individuals from outside the United States to study dispute resolution processes and practices in the U.S. to assist them in their efforts to advance the resolution of disputes in their home countries.

The JAMS Foundation approves Fellowships of up to $20,000 in support of projects outlined by fellowship applicants. The Program is intended for individuals who have demonstrated experience with and commitment to the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and who seek to increase the availability of dispute resolution education, training and services in their own countries and beyond.

Till now, India has produce four JAMS fellows which includes former Justice M.L Mehta, Delhi High Court, former Justice Kannan, Punjab and Haryana High Court Chitra Narayan, former Partner of Jyoti Sagar Associates (JSA), Laila Ollapally, Founder of Center of Advanced Mediation Practice (CAMP), Bangalore. Pranjal Sinha, is the youngest recipient of this fellowship in the world, joining this list at the age of 22.

As a part of his fellowship, he will be studying the Programme on Negotiation (PON) course at the Harvard Law School and attending business development programmes at the Startup Basecamp in Silicon Valley. He will also be doing shadow mediations at the JAMS Mediation Center and learning best dispute resolution practices from ADR centers across the USA which he can later implement in his services in India.

About Pranjal Sinha:

Pranjal Sinha, at the age of 19, co-founded ODRways with Vikram Kumar, with the aim to improve access to justice in India by making mediation the primary method of dispute resolution in India For the last three years, ODRways has been combating the two challenges mediation faces in India: Accessibility and Awareness.

Increasing Accessibility: His present online mediators' platform, boasting of 70 mediators in 22 cities across India, aims to make mediation services easily accessible to the common man of India. In less than 8 months of launching the new platform, the platform has received 100+ cases. These disputes range from family disputes to property as well as commercial matters to high stake environmental disputes. From being recognized as the ‘Socially Most Innovative platform in 2015’ by Google to being listed in the ‘Top 10 Social Ideas of 2016’ in Tata Social Entrepreneurship Challenge, the initiative has also been supported by judges, lawyers and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) organizations such as Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA), Center of Advanced Mediation Practice (CAMP) and Delhi Dispute Resolution Society (DDRS) among others. It was also recognized as a "Sustainable online mediation model for developing countries in Asia to get high stake matters" at Global Mediation Forum, Bangkok in May, 2017, organized by World Mediation Organization (WMO) and Thailand Arbitration Centre. In August, 2017, ODRways was identified by Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India, in the list of 12 Alternative Dispute Resolution agencies across India, which will help government departments in reducing their burden of court cases.

Increasing Awareness: He conceptualized the first ever mediation week in India. ODRways in collaboration with West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata (WBNUJS) organized the first ever Indian Mediation Week (IMW), a pan-India mediation awareness event, from 11-17 September 2017. The event was supported by Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India and Hon'ble Justice Madan Lokur, Supreme Court Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee (MCPC). In two months, 126 mediation awareness drives were conducted with 200 volunteers working in 10 cities across India and sensitizing over ten thousand people by encouraging them to adopt mediation as a method of dispute resolution. There was a strong social media campaign being run for mediation on the theme of "Suljhao Magar Pyaar Se" (translation: Resolve, amicably) which saw support from the former Law Minister Mr. Salman Khurshid, the Hon'ble Supreme Court Justice Madan Lokur as well as K.N Tripathi, Governor of West Bengal and Sushil Kumar Modi, Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar. The campaign received international recognition from luminaries including Mr. Daniel Erdmann, Founder of World Mediation Organization, Thomas Valenti from Valenti Law, Rahim Shamji from ADR-ODR London to Young Mediators Initiative of International Mediation Institute (IMI) along with Mediators in South Korea, Australia, USA among others.

Find more about ODRways here and Indian Mediation Week here.

To know more about Weinstein JAMS International Fellowship click here.

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